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Have a job you’d normally hire a company for? Cut out the middleman and go straight to a pro.

We’ll notify local pros who can get the job done, and we’ll help you choose the right one.

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Are you a pro?

If you’re a skilled professional looking for local side jobs to earn some extra cash, apply to join us.

We’ll send you instant text messages or emails when new side jobs are posted in your area.

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Now everyone can have “a guy.”

The SidePros Process


New job is posted

When someone needs work done, they post a job with details of what they need done: job type, location, timeframe, etc.


SidePros respond

SidePros who are available and interested in the job will respond with follow-up questions and answers with the job poster.


Work and payment

The job poster and SidePro arrange a time for the work to be done. Payment method is up to the job poster and the SidePro.


Local SidePros are notified

A notification is sent out to local SidePros who match the job poster's location and job type (mechanic, electrician, etc).


Job poster picks a SidePro

The job poster compares the interested SidePros and chooses one. We then exchange contact information with both of them.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many side jobs or SidePros are in my area?
We’re beginning with a limited testing phase in Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes. The number of listings will grow over time, and we hope to launch in additional cities soon.
How much does it cost?
It’s completely free to post a side job and to be a SidePro.

Posting side jobs:

How can I trust these SidePros?
Just as if you were hiring a company, you should be cautious and ask the right questions before hiring a SidePro. In the future, we’ll provide you with guides on how to best select a SidePro.
How do I handle paying a SidePro?
We do not handle payments between you and the SidePros. It’s up to you and the SidePro to arrange this.

Being a SidePro:

How does the application process work?
In order to promote honesty, we manually verify the information you’ve entered on your application. Our primary goal is to provide job posters with access to true professionals.
Are there restrictions on who can be a SidePro?
We do not accept multi-person businesses. Only individual and independent professionals who are looking for side work will be approved.